What I have learned so far in Marrakech

What I have learned so far in Marrakech

So yesterday I arrived in Marrakech. I didn’t know what to expect as I had only read things online. I think different people feel different things about places and until you experience it yourself you take what they say like it’s 100% true.

1. Everyone I have met in Marrakech so far is so friendly, polite and helpful.

2. Bartering for the price you want is a sign of a strong woman or man (I don’t know how true this one actually is but I have done a lot of bartering in Marrakech today and every person has said that I am strong woman because of this. I ask what they want for the item, then I set the price that I want to pay and will only go 10/15 Moroccan Dirhams above my set price. If this is not agreed then I walk away)

3. I’ve learnt how to say thank you and welcome in Arabic. Shukraan is thank you and Merhaba is welcome, or big welcome.

4. Not everyone who helps you is just after money. Today we got lost walking to Jemaa El Fna (despite having a map) and a lovely man who could clearly see we were lost gave us a couple of directions before coming back, parking his scooter somewhere and walking us through the Jewish Quarters, called Mellah, to Souk des ├ępices, which is where you can buy all the spices outside of the markets. This place is about half way to Jemaa El Fna and from there people helped us loads and gave us directions.

Moral of this post, and something I often forget, is don’t believe everything you read and/or hear.

Thanks for reading x

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