Travel Vaccinations

Travel Vaccinations

So some of you know and some of you may not know but a lot of countries recommend that you get your travel vaccinations before you go. You can usually find these out on the NHS website under the ‘Cover your healthcare abroad’ section, and near the bottom it will say ‘Travel Vaccinations’. So you just click on ‘Travel Jabs by Destination’ in that section and then enter where you’re going in the search bar. Then when the country you’re going to comes up you just have a read through.

Another good website which I have used is, practically the same gist as the NHS website but this website says whether All Travellers should get the stated vaccinations, whether Most Travellers should get the stated vaccinations and whether Some Travellers should get the stated vaccinations. Which I find super helpful as I am that person who would freak out and get all of the vaccinations done if I didn’t have something/someone to tell me that it wasn’t 100% necessary 😂

There are tons of similar websites that do the same kind of thing. Not all will have the All Travellers, Most Travellers and Some Travellers sections but they’ll all give you suggested vaccinations to think about and look into.

You’ll obviously have to go see your doctor/a nurse at your doctors practice to get the vaccines, so it’s also a good idea to check what they say about vaccinations. The last time I went they just had a look on a website and we discussed which vaccinations to go for from there. Second opinions and having a discussion with someone with medical knowledge is always super useful!

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NOTE: This is not medical advice! Always always go see your doctor to obtain their advice!

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