Travel Mistake

Travel Mistake
Have you ever been packing for a trip and your brain is just completely elsewhere? 
Well this happened to me today. I was packing for a weekend trip away where I was only taking hand luggage and I thought to myself ‘Ooh I’ll take this dry shampoo with me. There’s not much left in it so will be fine’… Have you worked out my mistake yet?
Anyway, I get to the airport and go through security. My suitcase is taken to the side to be checked and I’m thinking to myself ‘I’m sure I took everything out’… 
My mum goes to me ‘What have you forgotten to take out’ and I’m like ‘I have no idea. I’ve taken everything out. The only thing I can think of is my dry shampoo but that’s not a liquid’ and my mum goes ‘That’s an aerosol’.
The lady checking my bag asks me if I know what it is and I say to her ‘I honestly don’t know, I thought I’d taken everything out, but my mum thinks it’s my dry shampoo’
So she goes through my case, finds my dry shampoo and confirms this was the problem……
Turns out that my nearly empty 400ml dry shampoo isn’t okay because it’s almost empty… The container needs to be under 100ml and it doesn’t matter how empty it is.
And guess what? I wouldn’t have packed it thinking it was okay if my brain was focused on packing.
Thanks for reading,
Georgia x

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