South Africa – Almost the Safari

South Africa – Almost the Safari

After we finished up at Adventures with Elephants we continued on our journey to the Safari Lodge.

We were staying at a lodge called Mackouwkuil Game Lodge which was about an hours drive from Adventures with Elephants.

We had seen photos of where we were staying but until you actually get to a place it’s so hard to envisage what it’s actually going to be like. My mum and I referred to our room at the Lodge as ‘posh tents’ as that is the closest representation of what we would be staying in.

On the drive from Adventures with Elephants to the lodge we saw so many animals, from Emus to Monkeys. Each time I spotted something my response was ‘Ooh look a…’ and I got excited every single time I spotted something else. What a starter for the actual Safari if this is what I had already seen in the space of an hours trip. I COULD NOT WAIT!

About an hour later we turned off the normal tarmac roads and started going down a dusty, holey, uneven dirt track. Bobbing up and down in the car.

Whilst driving down this road Andre slows down a little and points out the monkeys just sitting on the road a little further up. Andre told us that we would probably see a fair amount of monkeys and maybe even hear them outside our tents, as they tend to hang around the lodge and are pretty much everywhere. This idea of a monkey being outside my tent whilst I slept was the strangest concept that I really struggled to get my head around. It’s not like it’s a normal animal such as a dog sitting outside your room when you sleep, it’s a wild animal! So strange!!

Just a bit further down this dirt track we turn and drive a bit further down before we spot the sign for the lodge. Here at last.. almost!

We drive through the security gate and then down another road that leads to a little bridge that is between two of the lodges’ lakes, which are usually occupied by Hippos.

We parked up outside of the main building and went into the reception where we met Andre’s parents and did the usual check in, discussion etc before we got back in the car and drove down to our ‘Posh tent’. We walked down a little ramp and saw our tent. I was amazed! It was definitely a posh tent of sorts but it was HUGE and had a full on bedroom and bathroom in it. It was basically a mini hotel room/lodge inside a tent. Incredible! The photos below really do not do it justice.

The outside of our 'Posh Tent'Our bathroomOur bathroom


Outdoor Shower

Andre told us that we had a few hours to ourself where we could settle in and wander around the grounds before heading to the hut back near reception to meet everyone else and have dinner.
So what did we do? Unpacked and had a nap… Because you know, naps are everything.
On our way to dinner we saw a couple of female Nyala’s grazing on the grass next to the path we were walking down. They were so relaxed and seemed totally unbothered about being so close to us and didn’t even run away.
Female Nyala'sFemale Nyala
We got to the hut before everyone else and ordered a glass of wine at the bar and started nibbling on the little snacks at the bar. I wasn’t a fan of the Biltong, which is really similar to beef jerky. But the beetroot crisps were delicious and SUPER addictive.
Everyone else turned up and we chatted away before being told to go to the table so that the Lodge chef, Chris, could tell us what the menu for tonight was. We were told that everyday that we were there Chris would be making all 3 of our meals of the day, which would consist of around three courses per meal. Right then I knew that I was going to leave the week Safari at least half a stone heavier. Uh oh.
After dinner we headed back to the tent to get some shut eye before the first day of the Safari started.
To be continued…
Thanks for reading.
Georgia x

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