Day Trip to Cambridge with my Grandad

Day Trip to Cambridge with my Grandad

Last week I was sitting at work wishing I was doing something over Easter weekend, as I only had plans for Friday night. Obviously this is a total waste of a 4 day weekend so I started to have a look at a few destinations in Europe for Saturday to Monday, but after searching for hours I decided it was just too expensive.. I know I had left it really late and it was Easter weekend, but I still didn’t want to be paying over £400 for flights and a hotel and then have to get spending money on top. So I decided that I would go somewhere in the U.K.. So I decided I would go to Cambridge on Sunday for the day! Which is only an hour and a bits drive from me (And I’ve NEVER been. How bad is that?)

My Grandad was a student there not so long ago and after that he also started being a researcher and occasional lecturer, so I decided to send him a message to ask for his recommendations on where to go and what to see. He gave me a few suggestions but also offered to come with me. As he is an alumnus of Cambridge University he is able to go into the various places/colleges etc free of charge and take a guest in with him.

On the Sunday we got up pretty early and set off around 9am. We arrived in Cambridge at 10:30am and parked at the Trumpington Park and Ride and then got the bus into the City Centre.

From the bus stop we walked to a little bakery/café called Fitzbillies. This place has been in Cambridge since 1920! We had a cup of coffee and a little bite to eat before heading out. But we had to stop and look in the bakery first. The cakes looked AMAZING.

After drooling looking at the cakes we moved on and started walking towards the Centre of town.

We went into the following places (not in order):

⁃ Pembroke College

⁃ Kings college

⁃ Trinity college

⁃ Trinity hall

⁃ Clare college

⁃ Clare college chapel

⁃ Clare college great hall

⁃ Kings college chapel

⁃ Gonville and Cuis (Stephan Hawkings college) – Outside only as it wasn’t open

⁃ Bridge of Sighs

⁃ Mathematical Bridge

⁃ Queen’s college

⁃ Queens college great hall

We also stopped into Ryder & Amies and I bought a Clare College jumper and a Clare College striped rugby shirt for my Grandad (This was his College)

All in all I think we spent about 5 hours walking around, not including our lunch stop in Strada, and we didn’t even see everything that can be seen!

If you live in the U.K. and fancy a day trip somewhere or are coming over to the U.K. then I would definitely recommend you have a day trip there. It’s a such a beautiful City with amazing architecture.

As you’ll see below I took a lot of photos. I did try to narrow them down but there was still tons I wanted to share.

Thanks for reading x

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